New Member Application Procedures

Membership Application

Sponsor Form

Sponsored Applicants

The two (2) Voting Members in good standing must complete the sponsor questionnaire, on behalf of the applicant. The sponsor questionnaire is available from the Business Office or on the Walpole Country Club website. At the same time, an application for membership is sent to the interested party (see application procedure below). The completed questionnaires and application are sent to the Chairperson of the Membership Committee for review.

Un-sponsored Applicants

While it is the goal of the Membership Committee to entertain new applicants who have an affiliation to our membership, there may be circumstances where individuals who are new to the area be sponsored by the Membership Committee or Board of Governors. These individuals must write to the Chairperson of the Membership Committee expressing their interest in joining the Club. 

Application Procedure

The applicant must complete the entire application and submit it to the Business Office for presentation to the Membership Chairperson. Per the By-Laws, the Membership Chairperson will coordinate with the Membership Committee and/or sub-committee the posting of the candidate’s name in the Clubhouse for at least 15 days for member review and will schedule an interview with the new member applicant. Sponsors will be contacted and asked to be present at the applicant’s interview. Upon approval of the Membership Committee, the application will be brought to the Board of Governors for approval.

Membership Entrance

Applicants are notified by telephone or email of their acceptance into the Club immediately following the Board of Governors meeting. Subsequently, a new member information packet is mailed that includes an initial invoice, a membership handbook, an explanation of financial obligations, Club By-Laws with a verification of receipt, and Walpole Country Club website information.