Legacy Members

Legacy Members

(Currently Full)

The BOG approved the following; Our Legacy membership is open to Sons, Daughters (including son-in-law, and daughter-in-law), Brothers, Sisters (including brother-in-law and sister-in-law), and Grandchildren of current members. Sponsoring member must be a member in good standing and a voting member for the preceding 5 years for your family member to qualify for this legacy promotion.


Legacy Promotion

  1. NO Initiation Fee, if joining during promotion period
  2. Minimum Age- 21
    • Dues- 70 % to age 30; 100% thereafter
  3. Operation Assessment - due per chosen category
  4. Minimum Spending - due per chosen category
  5. Available Categories: Full A, Full B, Family, Limited Play, and Age 21-35
  6. 1 year only - May not be repeated
  7. No initiation fees paid to date will be refunded
  8. Must establish an account and have a valid credit card on file, with the club